Lyrics and Chords of Christian Songs on Guitar, Piano and Ukulele

A library of Christian worship music to learn more about beginner Christian guitar songs, instrumental Christian worship music, and other Christian song chords. Easily find your favorite Christian worship music to practice on the guitar, piano, or ukulele.

Beginner Christian Guitar Songs

Uploaded Christian worship music to The Worship Chords will provide music sheets to cover worship song guitar chords and worship song piano chords – some even with downloadable wordship chord PDF for continuous access!

Instrumental Christian Worship Music

Expand your worship song chords with elaborate contemporary Christian worship music from all genres!. Advance your musical skills on worship song guitar chords, worship song piano chords, worship ukulele, and other instrumental Christian worship music.

Musical Community

Not only does The Worship Chords provides accessible Christian worship music, but registered users are also encouraged to update keys or upload their own versions to the platform. It An interactive way to find and fix bugs on the site and within submission. Build a professional musical portfolio and provide contributions or collaborate with others on worship songs with chords here on The Worship Chords!

Scripture Connections

Parallel existing and uploaded lyrics of Christian worship music by providing background information or citing applicable excerpts. Provide information on personal uploaded Christian worship music or comment your inferences of others’ musical pieces from the word of Hebrews, John, Matthew, Peter, Psalms, Romans, and other excerpts!

Metadata Provided

On the right-hand side of each page of all Christian worship music uploads, Users will learn:

  • Release Date
  • Tone (Major/Minor)
  • Beats per Minute (BPM)
  • Time Duration
  • Decibel Volume

Percentile Rankings

Also, on the right-hand side of each page of all Christian worship music uploads, percentages are given to inform Users of:

  • Dancing Tempo
  • Energy Level
  • Acoustic Level
  • Language Fluency
  • Liveliness
  • Element Denotion

Chord Glossary

The Worship Chords provides users with a handy chord glossary! All the information you need on one platform to learn your favorite son on the guitar, piano, or ukulele. Graphic description of each chord is easily found in the glossary to assist users in:

  • Initial Position
  • Rhythm Variations
  • Strumming and Plucking
  • Note Duration
  • Sound Execution
  • Musical Variations
  • Majors and Minors
  • Sharps and Flats

All Genres Welcomed!

Uploads include ballad, merengue, ranchero, rock, tango, vallenato, and more! Furthermore, The Worship Chords accepts Christian worship music from all nationalities and regions! No matter your instrument or vocal abilities, range, or tone, all are welcomed!